Ankweb window closes after editing

Very recent bug. I edit an entry in AnkiWeb while in study mode. When I click on SAVE the Anki window closes.

However, this does not happen if you edit a card from a SEARCH.

I can’t seem to reproduce this in the latest Chrome on my machine. Updating a card that was opened from the study screen does not close the window for me.

I was able to reproduce the problem on my PC and Chrome. I use Windows and all extensions are turned off, Chrome is up-to-date. There is one report of the same problem on reddit.

And I am on an HP Chromebook, therefore the very latest version of Chrome.

I can’t seem to reproduce it on a Windows machine here. It may be that the issue has already been fixed in update that I’m currently working on. That should hopefully roll out within a week, so please ping me if the issue persists past then.

Will do. Thank you.

As of today, it is partially fixed. The edit window no longer closes, but clicking update does not return to the study screen, so you have to click on Decks and then on the deck you are studying in order to return to study mode. I believe that previously, clicking update would return you to the study window.

That should get addressed when I make it to updating the study section of the site, which will probably be a few more weeks.

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Great! Thanks again.

The problem has been resolved on my device, thank you.

It’s working for me now. And I like the new improvements to Ankiweb.
Thank you!

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