Anki fails to save my study progress

Hello! I have downloaded Anki only for a few months and am new to the forum.

I recently updated Anki to Version 2.1.26 (70784154). Sometimes when I open Anki on my desktop and put my computer to sleep, my study progress from the last session is lost when I wake up my computer. The cards that I had revised showed up again, even though it was meant to be shown again around a month later. Sometimes, Anki would shut down itself when I wake up my computer, which also resulted in progress loss.

It seems that it also happens when I leave my computer idle for a period of time, that Anki would just restart itself.

I can still manage to save my progress by closing Anki right after I finish studying my cards and decided to have a break. However, it is quite troublesome as there are times when I have to spend time looking at my notes for a question, which closing Anki interrupts my flow, and Anki may show a different question the next time I open it.

Any insight is appreciated, thank you!

it was a problem for a while. happened to me a couple of times. and i think closing anki yourself (or syncing anki) is the only way to prevent that.
but i think it’ll get fixed in the next update. I’ve been using 2.1.28 alpha3 and anki doesn’t close when pc goes to sleep.

So I am not alone, and let’s hope that it will get fixed. Thanks for your reply though!