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Anki keeps not saving

I use the desktop version of Anki. I occasionally use AnkiDroid and forget to sync it properly, which is my own separate problem. My issue is that with an annoying frequency I will use desktop Anki and it will not save my progress when I am done. It means any time I spent working is wasted and really hits me in the motivation. I don’t have any connection problems, the sync isn’t failing on that part. I don’t want to have to spam the sync button every time I open Anki just to do 10 or so flashcards (as I might do on multiple occasions in a day) to ensure my progress is saved. Is there a work around for this?

Please follow the steps on When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions

Yeah, doing that is how I ended up here

Are you sure? If you were using the latest Anki version, it saves after every change you make, and the only way you should find things reverted to an earlier state is if you were importing a colpkg file, or choosing to download during a sync.