E-mail verification doesn't work?

Launched Anki on MacOS 14.2.1 (23C71). Sync failed for e-mail verification. Logged in here and tried again. Same result. Exited and re-launched, thinking it might check on launch and cache, but that also didn’t help. Exited and installed Anki Version ⁨23.12.1 (1a1d4d54)⁩. Launched, got the same.

Another mentioned a sync failure with different systems. That fix was to select legacy timezone handling. The only “legacy” in my settings was in the editing tab, but I tried ity anyway. Didn’t help.
23.12.1 on an iPad is giving the same message when I have not tapped the “synchonize” link.

The last time I successfully used Anki was on the iPad. I cannot remember whether I did a sync on that session, but I probably did, because it is habit.

Did you verify your email address with AnkiWeb? Email verification - Frequently Asked Questions

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The message said to verify “by logging in on Ankiweb,net”—the fact that I posted the above message shows that I was logged in.

As far as I know, this forum is a separate account from your AnkiWeb sync account. Was there a verification link in the email? You should follow that.

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It was not an e-mail—it was a pop-up error from Anki. It said to log in to Ankiweb.net, but when I typed that into the browser, it took me here. But I tried that again about a minute ago and got the verification page. And then launched Anki and sync worked.


Your browser probably redirected you to the forums based on a more recent visit to it.

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