Email verification link invalid

Hi there!
I just created an anki account on my macbook. I’ve now tried to verify my email adress three times; however, everytime i click the link in the confirmation mail (which i do receive), i get the following note:

“Invalid Link. Sorry, the link you clicked was invalid, or has expired. If you copied and pasted it, please make sure part of the link was not cut off. If days have elapsed since the email was sent, please send another one.”

I have tried to send the confirmation mail again three times but nothing changes, it still says “invalid link”.
It seems to me like nothing is getting blocked at my end, it’s just the links that don’t work…

Appreciate any help!
Thank you

To clarify, are you talking about a link to verify at ?

I just checked and it seems to be working fine right now. It’s possible it was a passing issue – or it is related to your internet connection. Are you actually reaching when you click the link? Have you tried copying the link instead of clicking on it?


Hi! Yes, I am talking about ankiweb. Unfortunately, I seem to have reached a limit for today. I’ll try again tomorrow.
My internet connection is/was definitely stable… yes, I have tried copying it, but I still got the same results.

Thank you! I’ll reach out again tomorrow!

I’m sorry this is getting in your way! Yes, since you’re actually reaching, it doesn’t seem like it’s a connectivity issue.

I believe that @dae has been working on AnkiWeb behind the scenes recently, so perhaps he will have a sense of what else might be failing!

Thank you! I still get the “no more emails can be sent to that address today” note. I will get back to this later in the day

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It is getting quite frustrating here. New link, same result.

Your email client is changing the . in the link to .., which breaks it. Removing the extra period should resolve the issue.


Success! Thank you SO much!

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