Dynamic adjustment of number of new cards / Cardistry with scheduler v3

I would like to again have the feature Cardistry provided. It limit the number of learn and young cards in a deck, by not scheduling new cards, when this number is above a certain threshold. Unfortunately it is broken for Anki later than 2.1.33.

I asked on Github and @dae told me that this feature is available with the v3 scheduler.

Thus I ran latest Anki and enabled it, but I can’t find any settings in the UI which look related to this. Can someone clarify?


Maybe you’re referring to this:

Another change is that the new count is now capped by the review count. If you have limits of 200 reviews and 20 new cards, and 190 reviews are due, only 10 new cards will be introduced.

It’s an automatic feature, not an option.


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Hmm, yes, it might be what was meant. But not what I wish to have. The number of reviews is fluctuating much more than the number of non-mature cards.

Actually I tried that approach before (don’t remember whether it was with an existing addon or one I hacked together myself), and I wasn’t happy with it.

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@dae You mentioned in this Anki issue thread that you would keep an eye out for this demand, so I wanted to mention this here as well, since it is the correct place to request features.

I would like this feature as well, if it could be implemented. It lets you manually set the mature level of cards, scan ahead multiple days, cap the number of learning/young cards to whatever amount you would like, and lets you bury new cards that are related to current review/learning sibling cards until that sibling exceeds a certain interval in days.

The current V3 scheduler will show a sibling fairly soon, and I think this is the feature @omgold is looking for. We can manually set this to bury any new cards until their siblings have exceeded a certain number of days.

The code is here: GitHub - lovac42/Cardistry: Addon: Dynamically Adjust New Cards