Draw random card

I would like to be able to draw a random card (one at a time) from my deck. Is there a way to do it? And if not, can you suggest a good workaround?

Thanks a lot!

You could create a custom study deck with random choice and a limit of 1 card.

Use a Filtered deck; a Custom deck is not user-friendly – it jumps over the screen where you can type your search string.

You can set a normal deck to random order with a daily limit of 0, then use the top option of custom study to increase the limits.

Vit: I would not describe the filtered deck screen as more “user friendly” - perhaps more “power user friendly”.

Thanks a lot everyone!

I’m a total newbie with Anki, so I’m not sure what I’m doing :smiley:
When I click Custom Study, I don’t see any random option.
But I did find the random option when I clicked the Create Filtered Deck option under Tools, and this one seems to work for me.

Glad to hear something that works for you. For the record, I was suggesting changing the new card order in the original deck’s options, prior to using custom study.

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