Download an excel file to Anki


When I try to download my own Excel file (in CSV UTF 8) all is working well, I can see the correct words in the file but when I try to download it, I see an arrow turning 1 second but after the page is white and nothing happens.

Can you please help and let me know what is/are my mistake(s)?

Thanks a lot,


Hi, what do you mean by „download“? Importing into Anki?

Yea sorry imported to Anki.

Does this happen in 23.10.1? Are you able to provide the file to us, so we can try to reproduce the problem? Does your Windows username contain any accented characters such as ‘á’?

Dear Damien,

Thanks for you help.
Yes it is the version 23.10.1. My windows username do not contain any of these characters.
I try with different file, even with a short one ( only a word without accent and front and back in the first line) but I can send you an example of the file this afternoon when I go back from work.

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If it happens with any file/file name, there’s a good chance it’s related to your Windows username. If you run cmd.exe and type ‘echo %APPDATA%’, what does it print?

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