Importing CSV woes

I am trying to import a csv file. I have followed the importing instructions and created a file which contains the following in UTF-8 format

a peine,barely
abaisser,to lower
abattre,to fell or cut down (a tree)
abr,“to damage, batter, break”
aborder,“to land, tackle, approach”
etc etc…

It just says invalid csv file. How can I diagnose what is the issue?

It would help to know, which Anki version and importer (legacy or not) you’re using, and to see the exact error message.
To debug yourself, you could remove parts of the CSV to narrow down the issue. You could also upload your deck somewhere so we could take a look.

If I had to guess at the issue, I’d say a likely culprit is that the file is not actually in UTF-8 format. If you can upload it somewhere so we can download it, we can check.

Apologies I thought it had converted to UTF-8 but it hadn’t. A better message than “500: Internal server error” would be useful.

Strange - I tested this with 2.1.66, and it says:

Error: 500: stream did not contain valid UTF-8

It could be improved, but it’s not completely vague.

I am using 2.1.66 and all I got was internal server error, changing from ANSI to UTF-8 fixed the issue

Hmm, strange. Are you able to provide the file that triggered it? Did you import the file via File>Import? Does disabling add-ons make any difference?

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