CSV import ok, but exports from Anki desktop not working in mobile app

I manage to import CSV files into Anki desktop. The cards look ok when I view them in the desktop app. When those apkg files are exported and imported into Android or iPhone apps, we get the following error message:
Please update to the latest Anki version, then import the .colpkg/.apkg file again.
What settings might I be missing?

All apps should be up to date.
Decks created manually in desktop export and import to mobile app fine.
UTF-8 files - still getting the error message.

Just to make sure, when you use the Help / About menu item, what version does it show?

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Version ⁨23.10.1 (fac9e0ee)⁩

I now opened the CSV file with notepad and saved it as .txt file, still making sure it’s UTF-8. I imported that file, and the problem was solved!

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