Double-clicks inside Add card dialog changes card under review

Steps to reproduce:

  • Click “Add” button to add a new card while you’re reviewing cards.
  • Open Card “Type” dropdown.
  • Double-click anywhere inside that dropdown.


  • The card under review (sometimes) changes.


  • Nothing in the card under review changes due to actions on the new card dialog.

Video showing the issue: (clicks aren’t shown, but I triggered the issue by double-clicking the word “Basic” inside the Card Type dialog):

Observation: 5 min later I tried to record a new video but this time double-clicking seemed to cause a “refresh” of the current card under review without changing it for another card.


  • MacOS Big Sur 11.2.2
  • Anki 2.1.41

This is a known issue, and I think it’s not directly caused by double-clicking.
I guess it’s caused by the reviewer checking the scheduler queue every time the reviewer window is brought to front or refreshed and in some other situations (when is called), and while you’re busy in some another screen, a new condition could become true that will make the scheduler hand you a different card (like learning cards becoming due).

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Got it, thanks for the explanation. :slight_smile: