UI doesn't update card view when flipping card

When I flip over a card (using the mouse or keyboard), the bottom of the UI (the show answer section) changes to the “again, hard, good, easy” view as it should, but the card view still shows the question side instead of changing to the answer side.

If I double click on the card view the UI seems to update (then the text of the answer becomes highlighted as a side effect of double clicking).

In a 200 card session, this happens 50 times or more. After today I am going to backup and downgrade to a much older version as I find this issue to make study sessions very exhausting.

This happens on MacOS 14.2.1 and Anki ⁨23.12.1, but it also happened on the previous version of Anki, not exactly sure what version that was, but it was close to the version I’ve listed. This problem did not occur on a very old version of Anki, from at least a year before.

Thanks for help.

I was just attempting to recreate the issue and it seems like the inverse also happens, where the card view updates but the “again, hard, good, easy” view does not.

Try changing the video driver.

Tools / Preferences / Appearance

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Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ve changed from the “Metal (default)” driver to the “OpenGL” driver. This seems to have fixed the issue.

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