Displayed card doesnt change after review

I’m using Anki Desktop, and I’m running into a problem where the GUI isn’t registering that I’ve moved onto a new card. Basically, I’ll press the space bar to mark a card as Good, but instead of showing me the next card, it will keep showing the same card, or sometimes even an older card. I have found that selecting some text in the card forces the app to register the card change and re-render the screen, which reveals the next card. It doesn’t happen every time, but it does occur frequently enough to be bothersome. I’m using the OpenGL driver in Anki 2.1.47

Here’s a GIF of the bug in action. The recording begins after I’ve already hit the space bar, so it should have moved onto the front of the next card, but it keeps showing me the back of the previous card. The system doesn’t register the change until I highlight some random text, which finally reveals the new card.

Basically, I’m wondering if this is worth filing a bug report on the GitHub. Thanks.

You may find ANGLE helps. Display Issues - Anki Manual

Yes, that helped. Thanks!