Using More > Options can cause a card to be abandoned, and replaced by the next due card

I have Anki 2.1.43, with Win 10 Pro.


  • With only the Question showing, click More > Options (lower R).
  • Do nothing in the dialog. Click either OK or “X”.
  • The dialog closes The current Question is abandoned and replaced by the next Question.


The Issue either happens or it doesn’t. If it happens, it might repeat with the immediately following Question - or it might not. And so on.


  • From the browser, it’s clear that the stats for the abandoned Question remain unchanged.

  • The abandoned Question(s) will be re-presented almost immediately, so nothing is lost except time.

Current Workaround:

Don’t work with Options in the Question dialog. Instead, be in the parent, which is the “Study Now” dialog, and select Options.

For me, this is a low-priority bug. It could be obviated immediately by removing the Options option at lower right. It seems to me that all the other options in the More menu are “by card”. The Options option should therefore be in the parent dialog - Decks (which it is).


Maybe related:

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That’s fine, thanks.

As I mentioned, this is no big deal for me.

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