Don't understand card gathering behaviour

I have a 3-level deck structure where the grandchild is supposed to feed the child which is supposed to add its own cards and feed the parent. There are 2 children and 2 grandchildren (1 for each child).

The problem is that it’s only cards from the children themselves (not the grandchildren) that end up in the parent. The cards from the grandchildren are not being gathered by the children.

Each deck has its own preset but the settings are supposed to be identical except for the number of new cards (I gave them different presets so that they could have different FSRS parameters). I’ve been through and I can’t see any differences. The grandparent limit is the sum of the child limits, which are supposed to include the cards gathered from the grandchildren.

I’m sure there must be an obvious answer but I’m not seeing it. I looked at the FAQ for the v3 scheduler and it seems to say that this setup should work the way I expect, i.e. child gathers cards from grandchild and adds own cards up to own limit, parent then does the same.

It’s hard to say without seeing your setup exactly, but isn’t the child deck is going to provide its own cards first? If it satiisfies its own limit with those, it won’t pull from the grandchild decks to add more.

You also don’t say what any of your Display/Gather options are, which seem like they would be pretty important to getting this to work.

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Thanks. That would explain it as parent has no cards of its own. I had new card gather order on “Deck” when it looks like it should be “Ascending position”, so I’ve changed that and will find out if it fixes the problem tomorrow.

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