What controls the depth at which Anki gathers new cards from subdecks?

Hi, I have a vocabulary deck that is split into subdecks.

“Genki 1” is the main deck. Below that are subdecks that are split into lessons: L00, L01, L02, etc. Below that are the categories for the vocabulary: 01 Greetings, 02 Numbers…, etc. These are the decks that the actual notes/cards are added to and the decks above are used for sorting and follow the source of where the vocabulary comes from.

My question is what controls the depth at which Anki gathers new cards? In the provided screenshot, Anki is suggesting me 5 new cards from Genki 1::L02::01 Vocabulary instead of 5 new cards from Genki 1::L01::02 Additional Vocabulary. This is when choosing the main “Genki 1” deck to study from.

I’ve already done 5 cards today, and my new card gather order is set to deck. What controls why Anki is skipping subdecks?

It seems that L01 subdeck had already reached its daily limit, so no card from this subdeck (and it’s children subdecks) will be gathered this session. Since you still have 5 new cards to see, anki takes those cards from the next available subdeck, which is L02-01 Vocabulary.

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Provided you have the v3 scheduler enabled, which cards will be gathered depends on your configured gather order, the remaining limits for each deck, and whether you have burying enabled.

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Thank you so much, both of you. The individual deck new card limits slipped my mind

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