New cards not appearing in father deck

For some reason my new cards have not been appearing in a the father deck, but will still appear in sub-decks. I like to study using the father deck, and like to have new cards even pulled from each of my sub-decks, but no new cards are appearing at all in the father deck. I increased my number of new cards/ day & review cards for day, and that didn’t fix it. The setting for my father & sub-decks are all the same.

The new card limits on parent/sub-decks interact in different ways depending on what scheduler you are using, and possibly depending on what version of Anki you have (per-deck limits, capped by reviews, etc.) Deck Options - Anki Manual . Have you recently upgraded to a newer version of Anki? Do you know if you’re using the v2 or v3 scheduler?

The setting for my father & sub-decks are all the same.

For instance, on the v3 scheduler (The Anki v3 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions), if you have the same new-card-limit on all of your decks that might mean you’re reaching the limit on the parent-deck before you’re out of new cards in the sub-decks. Your Gather Order also might be having an impact Deck Options - Anki Manual .

You might also want to check that your parent-deck doesn’t have any special “This deck” limits that are different from the rest of that preset group.

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