Don't make me login every day

I use AnkiWeb quite a bit from my phone and I noticed that the login session is very short (24hours maybe)?

I can get a bank making me login each day, but a flashcard app??? Let me stay logged in for 2 weeks!

I don’t know if AnkiWeb is open source but would be happy to look into submitting a PR to make the session last longer.

Which phone? OS?

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Maybe your browser is cleaning cookies daily, these cookies are your login credentials, once they are cleaned, Ankiweb will require you to login again

Which browser is it?
Chrome (Brave, Opera, Edge, Vivaldi…)

Does this only happens in AnkiWeb?


Wow, I am very sorry gang. I should have checked another browser before posting this :sweat_smile:

I’m on iOS and use DuckDuckGo as my browser application. I didn’t realize it clears cookies daily.

I tested on Safari and my cookies are persisted as expected, meaning I don’t need to login again each day.

Turns out DDG has a way to fireproof a page so cookies stay. Turned that on and it fixed it for me. Thanks for all the help and apologies for the noise


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