Asked to login before sync daily

I’m not sure what triggers it, but almost every time I open up Anki(Version ⁨2.1.66⁩) on Windows 10 and try to sync it asks me to enter my login credentials.

I’m guessing the session is expiring because if I close Anki and immediately reopen it and sync it doesn’t ask for my credentials. It seems like the session expires daily because every day when I open Anki to do my daily studying it requires login credentials.

Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?

Sync authentication doesn’t expire - it would only become invalidated if you changed your password. I don’t see your account having been logged into in the last week either. Do you sync with a different email address? Does it happen when you disable all add-ons?

I sync daily(I just synced again while typing this). My anki account uses the same email as my anki forums account. I don’t have any add-ons installed.

My apologies, I made a mistake when searching through the history - I can now see your logins. I don’t see any record of AnkiWeb sending an ‘invalid auth’ message to you however, which seems to imply your local copy of the key is getting discarded somehow. Is it possible a file in your data folder is being replaced with an earlier version? Managing Files - Anki Manual

I’m not sure how to determine that.

It’s just a regular install. I’m not using any sort of file syncing such as with DropBox. I’m not aware of anything that would be touching the files in the Anki2 app data directory.

Interestingly it didn’t require a login to sync today. So it seems to be intermittent.

Well, another day without being prompted. Maybe it fixed itself :person_shrugging:

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