Does the latest Anki Mobile version support the latest Anki Desktop?

I’m currently running the latest version of Anki Mobile.
As I can read on release notes, it supports till Anki Desktop 2.1.61 which is the version I’m actually running on my laptop.
Can I update my Anki Desktop to 2.1.64 safely?
Is there a method/place to verify this information every time a new Anki Desktop version is released?
Thank you.

There are no incompatibilities to expect when one of the versions is updated. The statement on Anki 2.1.61 refers to the mobile version gaining features that were introduced on Anki for desktop first.

Updates are intended to be backwards compatible with older clients, so outright breakages are very unlikely. Occasionally behaviour changes between releases, and this can cause some confusion if you have an older client that isn’t upgraded that is behaving differently, but it shouldn’t cause damage to your collection.

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