AnkiDesktop + Mobile with macOS Sierra or Catalina?


I currently use:
i) Macbook Pro, macOS Sierra (v10.12.6)
ii) AnkiDesktop (v2.1.13 - 3ba55990)
iii) iPhone 8 (iOS 14.2)

I am interested purchasing the AnkiMobile and wish to confirm if I am able to sync my 1000+ desktop flashcards to AnkiMobile? Is there any version compatibility I need to be aware of?

Otherwise, if I choose to upgrade to macOS Catalina, what would be required for both Anki Desktop + Mobile without losing my current flashcards that I have created?

Many thanks in advance!

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Support for 10.12 was recently dropped, so the last computer version you’ll be able to use is 2.1.35. That and older versions will be able to sync with AnkiWeb (and thus your phone) for now, but at some point AnkiWeb will eventually have to drop support for older clients, and at that point you’ll need to update to more recent macOS to be able to continue syncing.

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Thanks for your reply dae, appreciate it.

So to confirm, if I stay with my current macOSX (v10.12.6), I can only use AnkiDesktop up to v2.1.35. This version will still allow me to sync my cards with AnkiMobile, correct?

Alternatively, if I upgraded to macOSX10.15.x - there won’t be any issues syncing and will of course be longer support cycle (more up to date). Can I confirm which version is most compatible with macOSX 10.15.x? And it would just be a simple process of exporting then importing the cards to the new version once upgraded?

Thanks again!

Yes, that’s correct. Any recent Anki version should work fine on 10.15.x, but you don’t need to update to it immediately if you don’t wish to.

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