Does FSRS solve "priority" like SM18? thx

as someone asked about FSRS vs ease hell,
i am more interested in the priority issue.


ps, to me, FSRS 's doc didn’t mention priority issue.

ps the ease hell Q:

You mean like can users manually set priority for different cards and/or does algorithm randomize initial priority for cards? No.
The most you can do is choose desired retention for each deck (for high priority decks choose 95%. For less important stuff 90%) thus prioritizing certain decks over others.

P.S. For me, I wish there was proper incremental reading implementation in Anki…

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What do you mean solve priority “like SM18”? A priority queue has been a feature in SM for maybe 15 years.

Also you previously posted about an add-on that conflates priority and shortening intervals. They are separate things. Iif you remember an item that is high priority, there is no need to shorten the interval b/c you already know it. The algorithm predicts when you are on the cusp of forgetting and makes it due then. Priority is to sort cards when you don’t have enough time to complete all reviews, hence you do the more important reviews first.

yeah, i am exactly at this situation.

i dont know why you said so,
but afair,
anki don’t have build in “priority” high/nml/low asin supermemo.

those add on somehow “pretend” to function as so.
so i am asking if FSRS have build in support for that.

problem further complicated is that, when you use FSRS,
those addon written for V2, wont work (these even wont work for V3).

FSRS is not related to this priority issue. I would like to look into writing an add-on at some point to handle priority but I don’t have experience and not sure if the documentation is up to date, the add-on guide mentions Python but I saw an add-on developer mention rust as a reason why an add-on wouldn’t be supported for the new anki versions.

This incremental read add-on is active, and compatible with FSRS for PC version.

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