Does anki keep track of this

Let’s say I have a parent deck with two sub decks. I want 20 new cards each day from both sub decks. So I need to set the parent deck new card setting to 40 or more. Correct?

Let’s say I want to review 100 cards from each sub deck each day so I set 100 in each sub deck and 200 in the parent deck. Correct? I would do this because if I set the patent deck to say 150 per day then 100 Would come from the first s deck and 50 from the second sub deck, not 100. Correct me if I’m wrong.

My question is, what about those remaining 50 review cards that I didn’t get to. Does anki remember the 50 I missed and get those tomorrow? Or will the review questions repeat the order tomorrow and I essentially will never get to some of the review cards?