Display problems on Iphone

I have this problem that if i use a background image for flashcards, an ugly white line appears on the bottom of the card and i can’t get rid of it

If it helps here is the code

It’s clear that it’s not a problem concerning the dimensions of the picture, as i set its size to 100% of the viewport

I saw in the example photos posted on the app store that, even though there was a background image, the white line was not there

If someone knows how to solve this issue, It would he helpful to receive an answer, thanks.

If you set the height of .card to be at least as large as the screen (min-height), it should resolve the issue.

Thank you for the suggestion.

I honestly had tried that solution before and it didn’t work really well as the result was that the white line didn’t really disappear but rather it shifted down and a scrollbar appeared.
Here are the photos to explain what i mean (Height is set to fully fit the screen)


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