White line in Custom CSS

White Bar on Mobile - How to Fix?

Hey everyone,

Got a white bar showing up at the bottom of my Anki mobile app while reviewing cards. Not sure why it’s there. Already tried checking CSS and clearing the app cache. No dice.

Here’s a screenshot:

Using Anki on iOS.
Any quick fixes or ideas?
https:// defualt.apkg - Google Drive

We had a similiar question a few months ago. It is an iOS interface element: Can this line be removed? - #3 by dae

No, I mean white line in the center of screenshot

I can’t reproduce this - it’s black for me in night mode. Did it happen before you updated to a beta iOS version?

Are you use my template?

I think it template problem

Template I add to google drive

Yes, I tested with the file you provided above.

Have you tried scrolling the card below?

It’s an old problem

More than a year for sure

I’ve tried to fix it a couple of times, but I can’t do it

It can be seen on the iPad/iPhone on the PC, everything is fine

Perhaps there a white background is used for something higher than html, body :slight_smile:

Link to video: how it looks for me
https:// RPReplay_Final1705426209.mp4 - Google Drive

Can’t see this line on the note type editor which sucks to debug, in your case this line is not being loaded (tested on macOS, in Android the line don’t appear)

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Are you using some add-on? Where does that Structure button come from?

It’s not a button
It’s a tag
In template you can see < script> and pretty tag style in style

I take it from here

Ok, I reproduced it when scrolling down. It appears to be caused by your use of a background on the body element. The body has a margin, so the white area is the html element. If you style that instead, I suspect it will resolve the issue.

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