Can this line be removed?

I know it’s iOS thing but app developers have control of it. Perhaps there is an option for it somewhere?

I tried to reproduce it, but couldn’t at first. This horizontal scroll bar persists however, when you e.g. open the browser view and then go back to reviewing cards, even those which are limited to the screen width and need no horizontal scrolling.

It’s not a scrollbar, it’s what Apple call the “home indicator”, and when it was introduced they strongly recommended app authors don’t hide it except for things like videos, as they fear users will get confused. It’s been a few years since the introduction though, so I can look at changing this for the study screen. Note that there’s no “off” setting, there’s just a setting that tells iOS we’d like it to be hidden when iOS decides it would be appropriate to do so.


It’s not a major thing. I never noticed it until I started to review cards in the dark mode - then this line is super white, kind of destroying the purpose of dark mode to save eyes at night.

It would be enough to hide it in the dark mode or in review like in video play apps. In light screen colours its not bothering.

But anyway it’s nice to have, not an issue at all by any means. App is fantastic, I have been using it every day probably like 15 years (or since when it came out). Learning 3 rd language with it

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It would be fantastic to hide it for study screen if there such an option. As said it burns eyes when studying at night.

It would be fantastic to hide it for study screen if there such an option. As said it burns eyes when studying at night.

I post once more as I can’t find previous topic. I managed to make my reviews as minimalistic as needed and as little eye straining as possible. It’s just that white line on the bottom. When I keep my phone horizontally all details like time etc disappear and it’s just that white line on the bottom that burns my eyes when reviewing in the night.

As app already hides top iOS bar with time battery etc when turning phone horizontally maybe it would be possible with low effort to do that for that white bar. As I googled it is up to app developer to control it. Fx Netflix does not display it while watching the movie.

Removing it for the study screen would be awesome

So, unfortunately this made things worse.

It turns out that this heuristic is “user has touched the screen recently”. So now the bar will fade after a second, and then fade back in as soon as you try to reveal the answer or move to the next card. It seems Apple really don’t want this used outside of video players.

It doesn’t fade out though. I turn screen horizontal and don’t touch anything and it does not disappear. Is that something you will add in the future? I think It would work fine if it disappears while not touching. I use pad for reviews so maybe that would solve my problem

I actually can’t see that bar fading out in any mode of Anki. Dark/Day, it’s constantly showed in review, decks, edit etc.

As I understand on your end it disappears during the review if screen is not touched?

I changed the behaviour in the current beta. The bar now fades in and out as you review which is distracting, so I’ll need to revert it in the next beta.

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