Problems with the backside of flashcards when I'm using colors

Today, I started my PC and there was this message.
The problem was solved by my Anki application by switching the drivers.
Today I also switched my interval factor from 100% to 90% so there was a change in my database. After that, I added a lot of cards to a stack.
Right now when I want to learn the cards of this stack the backside of most cards is empty. When I click on edit card, the backside isn’t empty. This problem occurs only with this one stack

basic information, I don’t know if they help with solving the issue.
Anki Version: 2.1.49
Graphic card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 360(activated)
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050(not activated)
Windows 11 Home x64 bit

I don’t know how but some of my cards are broken. The problem is that the last time I reviewed these cards was 2 days ago.

I wanted to learn these cards but something is wrong with them as you can see.
On this card, only the last sentence gets shown.
I compared the cards from the backup that was fine with the one that was not fine
All the cards that were not fine had this on the front page:

Yesterday I did the following things(I just mention them I don’t know if they help)

Screenshots(I don’t know if they can help):

Mobile Version.

another card of the broken one’s

You have accidentally removed some of the text, which is breaking things. I recommend you remove the line you highlighted under {{Vorderseite}}, which should resolve the issue.