DISCUSS: Making cards with lists in History

Hello world! Can anyone give me tips to make card in History.

For example, during The Reign Of Terror, Robespierre brought these policies:-

  • Meat and bread were rationed.
  • The use of more expensive white flour was forbidden.
  • All French men and women were called Citoyen and Citoyenne.
  • Churches were shut down and their buildings converted into barracks or offices

How should I use cloze or should I divide it into many cards? What should I do?
Please tell me
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You should avoid lists. That is one of the 20 basic rules of well formulated knowledge. Here you have an excellent guide with examples.


:no_mouth: so, what should I do to bring this information in my brain? Can you give me some tips please? :pleading_face:

The followin example on the site I linked is similar to your case:

Q: What are the characteristics of the Dead Sea?
A: Salt lake located on the border between Israel and Jordan. Its shoreline is the lowest point on the Earth’s surface, averaging 396 m below sea level. It is 74 km long. It is seven times as salty (30% by volume) as the ocean. Its density keeps swimmers afloat. Only simple organisms can live in its saline waters

Well-formulated knowledge - Simple and specific

Q: Where is the Dead Sea located?
A: **on the border between Israel and Jordan**

Q: What is the lowest point on the Earth's surface?
A: **The Dead Sea shoreline**

Q: What is the average level on which the Dead Sea is located?
A: **400 meters** (below sea level)

Q: How long is the Dead Sea?
A: **70 km**

Q: How much saltier is the Dead Sea as compared with the oceans?
A: **7 times**

Q: What is the volume content of salt in the Dead Sea?
A: **30%**

Q: Why can the Dead Sea keep swimmers afloat?
A: **due to high salt content**

Q: Why is the Dead Sea called Dead?
A: **because only simple organisms can live in it**

Q: Why only simple organisms can live in the Dead Sea?
A: **because of high salt content**