Critque my template

Hi all, nothing too fancy about my layout but looking to see if you would recommend any changes or if it’s good enough as is? Maybe having the context field showing the book cover is a bit overkill? Thanks!


I would say, depends on who you are making the cards for and the reason you’re making them. If they are meant for you and they do everything that you want them to do, they’re great. As someone looking at them not knowing exactly what they’re for, I don’t find them intuitive in terms seeing the front and knowing what I’m being asked to recall. Not all of them, anyways. In that sense, I don’t think they’d work well for something like a group study unless everyone’s had discussions to be on the same page regarding how they’re laid out.

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Thanks for the feedback. They’re meant for me and I think they work as intended. Maybe the answer card could do with a little bit more context. Instead of just having a card with ‘Francis Crozier’ I could add a new field on the answer card with a question, e.g. what was his main role.

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