Disappointed in AnkiDroid

I thought that this app would be wonderful given all the positive reviews. I am sadly wrong. I have never been so upset, frustrated, and utterly disappointed on an app like this one. Study cards are my go-to way for studying as a Veterinarian Student. To have my newly made cards saved and hard, long hours put onto making them just suddenly disappear without a trace ANYWHERE, is frustrating. I now have to make those cards again! What a waste of time. No-one in the help team care enough to even help me with this issue! I have never encountered a more upsetting and poor customer service team and bad flashcards app! DO NOT GET THIS APP! I highly recommend ANYTHING else! They will waste your time!

This is disappointing to read while I’m trying to help you in the other thread you have openend.
As I’ve mentioned there, Ankidroid has its own support site. But you shouldn’t expect 24/7 customer support there, either. It’s a free app that the maintainers graciously provide us with.


First of all I really hope you solve your problem.

Second, doing a backup of your work is essential in Anki and in every other software of the world, just to avoid all kind of software / hardware problems that can arise.

Third, Ankidroid is not commercial software, is an absolutely free and open source program created and maintained by volunteers in their spare time, so you can’t expect any “customer” service, since there are no “customers” here (you haven’t paid anything for it, have you?). I’m pretty sure that if you kindly try to get help from their forum, they will do their best to help you, but blaming them and the software maybe isn’t the best of the ideas.

Good luck!