Need a refund because the app is far below par

I just purchased the app and I don’t understand how something that’s that expensive comparatively is so bad. The app fails almost all criteria for basic usability, being able to perform simple tasks, organization of information and tasks etc.

It’s absurdly convoluted and does not seem to have improved at all over the past years?

I want a refund but Apple won’t give it to me. Please refund me.

You are absolutely wrong about it being bad. it is by far the most useful app that i have ever used. it makes learning so much easier and it’s not just me saying this, literally everybody who has used it properly for one month would agree with me.
and the people who know what they’re doing, they actually think it’s underpriced. because every person who uses it, they use it everyday for minimum of 30 minutes (some might use it 4-6 hours some days)

what do you mean by simple tasks? what did you expect it to do and it didn’t?
i don’t think this app promised automatically organizing tasks (?) and information.
it is you who has to organize your flashcards. the app just schedules flashcards for you and keeps the flashcards as YOU have written/organized them. this app HELPS you organize information in your brain.
if you’re looking for a task organize i strongly suggest you read this article. it introduces you to best iOS to do list apps.
the only think anki promises is making you able to review flashcards and automatic SRS. which does both of them perfectly.

wrong again. Damien works on desktop version (which is free BTW) EVERY DAY. working on minor bugs for free, without expecting anyone to pay him anything. so i don’t think he does less than that for the iOS app.
anyways, you seem to have purchased the app 2 days ago (?/tops) so i personally don’t think you’re qualified to say that it has not improved over past YEARS. i have been using desktop app for less than 1 year and it has improved A LOT. even paid apps don’t get that much of updates/improvements. he definitely is trying to make the app better everyday (contributors of course)

anyways, i really suggest you use it for a couple of weeks before saying its a bad app. or at least read about it, read some articles, reviews see what people say about it.
you clearly don’t know what you have bought, because if you did you would have known the web version, the desktop version and the android version are all free. you could just try one of those before buying it.
you just don’t know how to use it, and just because you don’t know how to use it, it doesn’t mean it a bad app. i mean i can’t fly an airplane, does that mean all airplanes are bad?

(was my opinion, i’m just a simple user :expressionless:)


I stand by @mmdj2…please aquaint your self with the desktop app and also the anki mobile, it has a steep learning curve…your money is not at all wasted. Teach yourself about the app…I thought like you a few years back, stopped using Anki because it is hard to understand initially but now I regret that, had I spent a little time daily learning about the app it would have been much better and…I am loving the app now, after getting to know its beauty…


I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like the app. Developers have no access to Apple’s systems, so you will need to make your case to Apple directly:

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Apple has outright rejected my refund request. Which is weird.

But why is the app so poorly designed?

  • The actions are organized poorly. In the settings menu there are deck level and card level actions? They’re not really settings anyway? And there are two dozen actions underneath there without organization?
  • I can’t filter a deck using the filter action?
  • Maybe contract an interaction designer to clean up the worst of this?

The actions in the tools screen are in alphabetical order, and you can customize which ones appear at the top to your liking:

The Filter/Cram option can be used to create a filtered deck - it functions just like the computer version. If you’re having trouble matching cards, please make sure they are not in learning, suspended or in a different filtered deck.


  • Browse
  • Pick tag
  • Preview -> shows a screen that does not persist
  • Search -> No idea what this does
  • No clue how to persist this filtered view. Selecting the filter does not effect the deck that is currently open.

Create filtered deck:

That has no way of linking the search query in browse/filter? So I have to memorize the query or copy-paste it over?

OK. That worked but it’s so bad.

I can learn how to use the app perfectly fine. I’m a professional when it comes to app design and development, so I get it.

That doesn’t change the fact that this app really needs a design cleanup.

I’m a professional when it comes to app design and development, so I get it.

That’s awesome! So you can jump right in and contribute:


If you just want to study a specific tag, the custom study option is easier:

Anki is targeted more towards the power user than the casual studier, so I’m not sure it’s going to be possible for every feature to be immediately obvious to everyone. The manual is fairly comprehensive however, and I’d recommend spending some more time with it if you wish to get the most out of the program.


You certainly don’t communicate like a professional


Did I withdraw it?

And to your comment: I’m not at work here and I am somewhat pissed.

That’s cool! Looks like an interesting setup and the python/qt explains a bunch of things.

Is the iOS version not on Github? That used to be my specialty.

AnkiMobile is not open source, sorry.

I’ll close this thread to prevent any more ad hominem attacks; please create a new post if there are other specific points you wish to raise.