Dialog windows no longer focus inputbox

I’m on linux, Endeavor OS. Anki version is 23.10.1. Dialog boxes like “Study Deck”, “Choose Note Type”, “Choose Deck” and other similar ones now start out focusing on the “Accept” type of button, rather than on the inputbox, like they used to

I can’t seem to reproduce this on a Linux system here. Are you using the packaged version of Anki from the Anki website?

This appears to be a change in Qt 6.6.1, which the official builds are not yet using. A workaround will be in the next release.

Sorry for the late reply! I use the AUR package called anki-bin. I was worried it would be the issue, but it seems like it’s something that will eventually get fixed! Just rite of passage for arch and arch based distros I guess: some software not catching up to some other software. Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

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