I need help with Anki on linux please

Hello everyone! I recently switched to linux (Zorin OS) and encountered a problem using Anki: the screen flickers if I switch my keyboards (super + space)

I’m working with Wanikani for Anki and I need to type in Roman but also in Japanese letters. Switching between these inputs works really well (since I’ve installed ibus/fcitx-Anthy) but the screen “flickers” (Desktop is shown for a millisecond) as soon as I do so. Now I’m using the “no distraction addon” but the screen even flickered after I uninstalled it. This issue only happens in Anki (or at least I’m not aware of another application that is having this issue).

Does anyone have an idea what do to? Any help is very much appreciated, thank you very much!
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Go here and install the kkc ibus: “sudo apt install ibus-kkc” (assuming you are using ibus not fcitx). Either way with that you can switch between your keyboards without anki flickering around! :grin:

Please spread the word in case someone else is having this issue! ^^ お休みなさい!

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Is this isolated to the input switching of keyboard, sounds like a bug on that side in the Linux implementation?

Well problem is it doesn’t really happen with other applications like Brave browser, libreoffice writer etc. I’ve tried fcitx & ibus and they are way superior compared to the windows IME ^^

I really don’t wanna go back to windows just because of this :frowning: . In addition is Zorin OS based on a long term support Ubuntu LTS. It should actually work. I don’t know why this keeps happening :thinking: