G-sync acting up with Anki

Hi there,

I downloaded Anki again recently because I decided to get serious with my Japanese studies, and I have to say I dig the new UI! However, Anki and G-sync really don’t get along which makes it incredibly frustrating to use: My cursor jumps around and my display flickers the entire time I’m using it.

The only “solution” I’ve found is to disable G-sync and try to remember to turn it back on later. This is not acceptable for me (hence the quotation marks) since it means I’m less motivated to study. I have my G-sync set up so that it only affects fullscreened apps, and I even have an application rule in Nvidia Control Panel set for Anki specifically to not use G-sync, but it’s still causing issues.

Has anyone found a way around this while I wait for an official fix?

Thanks in advance!

If you download the 23.10 beta, perhaps changing the video driver in the preferences screen to one of the others will help.

Hey this works well enough. Still not perfect, but at least it’s not nauseating anymore. Thanks for the tip!

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