Tab key navigation broken in 2.1.44 for Windows

Hi, this issue may actually have been introduced in 2.1.43 (can’t remember) but is most definitely there in 2.1.44.

Scenario is this: using keyboard navigation only (i.e. no mouse) after completing all the reviews in a Filtered deck, the focus was left in a state where the Tab key navigated to the Options / Rebuild / Empty buttons in order.

Since 2.1.43/44, after completing all the reviews in a Filtered deck, the focus isn’t anywhere and hitting the Tab key has no effect.

Seems to work for me. Can anyone else reproduce the issue?

Hi Damien,

My main PC is Win 10 Pro and I just reproduced on my spare PC which is Win 10 Home.

I also found another way to reproduce it:

  1. Open an empty filtered deck.
  2. Hit Tab key and focus goes to Options
  3. Hit Tab key 3 more times and focus goes to Rebuild, then Empty and then focus disappears.
  4. Keep repeating hitting Tab and focus never comes back.

In previous versions the focus would cycle through whatever buttons were visible (Options/Rebuild/Empty for an empty filtered deck and StudyNow/Options/Rebuild/Empty for a deck with cards).

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I can reproduce this on 2.1.45 (also Windows). However, Shift+Tab works just fine and keeps cycling backwards through the buttons.

Thanks @Rumo for reproducing the issue and thanks again for the work-around! :slight_smile:

Definitely something “Shifty” going on with the focus issue :wink:

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Using the other steps I can trigger this on Windows too, but doesn’t happen on a Mac. Probably yet another toolkit bug I’m afraid.

Did you change toolkit with the last or previous release? It’s a new bug only since 2.1.44 (or maybe 2.1.43). Keyboard navigation in Windows has been working fine for years but only broken recently.

The toolkit has not changed recently, but changes to Anki’s code may have unearthed a bug. Anki does not use special handling for the tab or shift+tab keys as far as I recall, so the fact that it works in one direction but not the other is a good indication that it’s a Qt issue.