Desktop/iOS treat typed mistakes differently

Hi! I’m designing some ear training cards for my students, and I’ve noticed that Anki desktop and Anki for iOS treat mistakes in typed answers differently. Please see these images. This is the Windows 10 version:


An this is the iPhone version:

As you can see, the desktop version only uses the color red in your mistakes, not in the real answer. The iOS version uses red in both.

Also, the iOS version uses dashes with grey background every time you’re missing a character. The PC version only uses color red in anything you might be missing, and the number of dashes is lower.

Additionally, the PC version didn’t mark the missing final character at all in what you typed.

Is there any way to make both versions consistent?

AFAIK, it’s not possible to make them match right away because Anki does not internally implement these features, it relies on external dependencies, which are not the same for the desktop version and on iOS. However, IIRC it is planed (or it was planed, or something) to unify this by coding it in JS, so it’s actually the same code that gets run on every version of Anki. I don’t know if there is an ETA yet, but it’s a known discrepancy.


Thank you for your answer. I wonder which of the two behaviors will end up being implemented. The PC version seems slightly less confusing, because in school we’re used to having our mistakes marked in red, but we’re not used to seeing the correct answer also having red parts.