Deletion of all my data - recoverable?

All of my data has been deleted from my database on my laptop.
It is still visible in my iphone app but compltetely gone from the desktop.
How can I save the data in the app on my phone?
It is 2 years worth of notes for major exams that I use almost daily in my workplace. It is not information I can afford to lose. Can I reinstate my desktop account?
(I did receive an email 3 weeks ago warning of data deletion but I did not see it)

Try this on your laptop:

Trying an automatic backup is a good first step. If you’re unable to locate a backup, you can sync or export your collection from your phone to transfer it to your computer. Please note that if your AnkiWeb account expires, it won’t alter any data on your local devices, so there must be some other explanation for why you can’t find the data in your computer Anki.

Before attempting anything with your phone, I recommend you use the Add/Export button, then export your collection with media and scheduling - that will create a backup that you can restore from if you accidentally sync in the wrong direction.