Bug: Progress Deleted Following Sync to New Computer

I have recently been studying with a deck on my desktop using Anki Desktop and on my phone using Anki Web. I recently downloaded Anki Desktop onto my laptop, but during the process of syncing my progress all of it seems to have been deleted. On either instance of Anki Desktop and on Anki Web it’s as if I was starting the deck brand new. Is there any way to recover my progress?

Please see AnkiWeb account removal - Frequently Asked Questions and Restoring an Automatic Backup (Recovering from Data Loss) - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for the links, but unfortunately neither of them quite solve my problem.

To go into a bit more detail on the steps that led to my problem:

  1. I downloaded Anki onto my desktop computer, added a deck, and began studying.
  2. I started studying on my phone with AnkiWeb. I did this for several days without using Anki on my desktop, so no new backups were created in this time.
  3. I downloaded Anki onto my laptop computer. When I did a sync, old decks I had on my laptop were uploaded and my deck from my desktop was overwritten.

After discovering what happened I attempted to restore from a backup on my desktop, but the newest backup was from before I started using AnkiWeb to study, which was about a week old. Does AnkiWeb store any backups of progress made entirely on the website?

AnkiWeb takes backups, but I’m afraid the recent backups happened after you had already overwritten your data.

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