Deleting / updating add-on error - possible due to a "/" in add-on name

A few users have had problems with deleting / updating my add-on ‘Countdown To Events / Exams’.

I am unable to reproduce the problem which I think means it could possibly be an error for windows users only - I am using a mac also with anki 2.1.35

I have received the following error message from a user

I believe it could be to do with the “/” character in the add-on name.

The error in the screenshot appears to be referring to a different add-on.

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Oh yeah, thanks for pointing it out.

I did ask the user and they said it only occured for my add-on, and that they could delete others without an error message. I’m not too familiar with how the other add-on (Migaku Dictionary) works but it throws an error with the “/” key. I found an issue on github with the same error.

I’ll change the name of my add-on for the future but it looks like they are incompatible at the moment. Thanks for the help.