Delete unused note types

Hello, im mainly using the ios version of anki and it has following features:

  • Delete unused tags using „check database“
  • Delete empty cards using „Empty cards“
  • Delete unused Media using „Check Media“

Adding a button to delete unused note types with 0 cards in it would be a useful addition! That way you can get rid of many note types at once instead of deleting them manually. I have like 20 unused note types (deletion of them impossible on mobile only possible on pc right now)



Check database/media and Empty cards don’t need “one way sync”, but deleting note type requires it (that warning asking to sync to ankiweb or from ankiweb)

Why users keep unused note types?

  • Templates
  • Duplicates
  • Forgot to delete

2nd and 3nd use case makes sense to delete, but it could compromise the first one

Selecting multiple note type (just like in pc) to delete is more suitable to your suggestion

Was this suggestion acceptable? Can make an issue in Ankidroid and then you can follow up there


Yes sounds good ty but im not using ankidroid instead the iphone version.

The problem with deleting unused notetypes automatically is that they may be used in the future. For example, the user may not currently have any cloze cards, but may want to add some in the future, and to do that they’d first have to add the cloze notetype back again.


Yes you are right that makes sense

@dae could this be possible in ankimobile?

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“Manage Notetypes” is not currently available in AnkiMobile, but will likely come in the future.