Is there a way to delete multiple note types at once or to create subcategory for card types?

I am creating an application where the user is allowed to create an anki note out of chosen data. Each piece of this data needs to have its own html template and its kinda bothersome to have a ton of (up to several thousand) note types which are only deletable one by one.

For the first question: there is this add-on you could use Removes Empty Note Types for 2.1 - AnkiWeb

There is this creator that made add-ons for note type (in case you want to fork them): high chance of being broken for 2.1.50+

unfortunately those note types that im creating arent empty. they include a html template with an svg thats important for the content of the note

I don’t know your exact use case for this, I wonder whether you really need to create large number of notetypes? Can’t you put the HTML of each note in the fields of a single simple notetype?

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nope, each note has a special svg

Why can’t you add the SVG to the fields?

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im not sure if thats possible since the svgs have to be controled by a script

You probably don’t need multiple notetypes to accomplish what you’re trying to do, and I do not recommend making lots of them - they will gradually take up more memory and make things slower for users.

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each card has a unique svg picture and a script thats drawing it inside a html template. is there a way to not create a separate card type for each html template ?

You could place the svg and js text in fields, and reference them in the template.

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