Delay a card during a day

I feel there must be a obvious option to this but I can’t find it.

Sometimes I make a stupid mistake with a card. It is not because I don’t know the card, it is because I misread what I had to do.
I could mark as bad but that would (unfairly) impact the card Ease.

What I am doing is that I try to not see the answer, press good/bad/whatever, control+z and do again. This doesn’t negatively impact the card Ease but it seems a bit like cheating since I kinda saw the answer.

I could do control+z and go for a coffee (so that I kinda forget the card) and do again… but this would slow me down.

In an ideal world I would like a “Bury Card” that actually delays the card only for a couple of minutes (i.e. kinda like bad but without Ease side effects)

Is there a function/extension that allows me to do that?

Thank you!

“Bury Card” for only few minutes is also kind of cheating. You already have seen this card and answer today.
What I do in such situations is to bury card, so there is at least a day interval till the next review. Still a little cheating, but less negative impact.


Yeah totally. Just review it the next day.

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