Anki scheduling

Hi, is it possible to make it so that when you press „good" on a new card it shows up after 1day, but when you press „again" it shows up after a minute, then after pressing „good" on it it shows up after 15min and then after a day

Learning Steps

Relearning Steps

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I already tried that but i still can’t seem to figure it out

What exactly did you not understand?

Well because no matter what i do i can’t make so that at first “again” is set for 1m and “good” for 1day, but later when reviewing the card i pressed again for the good button is set for 15m (instead of 1day)

I though that setting my learning steps to 1m 1d and the relearning steps to 15m 1d would fix it, but it didn’t

The thing im asking for is:

New card => good => 1d

New card => again => 1m => good => 15m => good => 1d

But when setting the learning steps to 1m 15m 1d it goes as follows:

New card => good => 15m

New card => again => 1m => good => 15m => good => 1d

You want different learning steps for different buttons, this is not possible.

When you press Again , the card goes back to the first step, and will be shown again

When you press Good on a new card, or a card answered Again , it will move to the next step

The best I can think of is to do the steps 15m 1d

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Oh ok, thanks either way