"Ignore Cards After x seconds" Not Being Ignored?


Looks like my answer choices are NOT being ignored. For instance, after the 30 second mark, I just pressed hard, and it’s still set to be seen after 12 days. That’s what seems to be happening. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I have it set to ignore answers longer than 30 seconds currently, so that if it’s something I am not sure of and don’t really want to press again because I know it too well, but not good enough to press hard, I can just see it later in my session and then press hard or good. But recently I’ve realized that whereas before I would see those very same cards maybe after ~30-45 minutes, I am not seeing them again at all. I just checked one card for instance that I answered good after the 30 second mark (so that I would see it later in the session), and it’s due date is 8-29, which I’m assuming means I won’t see it until then. Can someone explain what’s happening? Is there any way I could get it back to where I just see it later in the session? This is seriously messing me up.

That setting controls the maximum registered time, so that if you walk away and come back later, it doesn’t record you as having taken hours to answer the card. If you want to postpone the answer and answer again later, you can use the Bury option.

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I could have sworn I would always see them later on in the session, but I guess depending on what the card timings were, that just happened to be a coincidence. Thank you for clearing that up.