HELP! Answer Card Timer

I am trying to figure out a way to stop my cards from showing me the answers after 4 seconds. I have gone into settings I have changed the time from 60 sec to 120 buried timer etc. This feature will not shut off. I have not used anki in a couple years and need to for studying. When i start a deck I can read the question but because of this old timer feature i will get a notifation on the bottom saying “Wake up 4 seconds left” and it will show me the anser after only have read the question in 2-3 seconds. PLEASE HELP!!! I don’t know what to do.

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You created a theme in the addons section but did not specify what kind of addon.
If it’s not the addon, but the “Auto Advance”, have you tried setting the parameters to 0?
Seconds to show question for=0
Seconds to show answer for=0


How do i get back to the addons section or auto advance to check those?

So i checked on my addons I deleted everything except image occlusion but it is still doing that same problem. When I went to options I did not see auto advance i did see advanced though is that the same?


2. Check add-ons

Please close Anki, then start it again while holding down the shift key. If the problem goes away, that indicates an add-on is causing the problem. Remove any add-ons you don’t need, and disable half of the others. If the problem continues, try the other half. Repeat the process until you’ve figured out which add-on is causing the problem. Then please report the issue to the add-on author, using the Copy Debug Info button, and pasting that into the report.

“Auto Advance” is one of the preset settings.

Auto Advance

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