Delay showing the answers and moving to the next card

Hello everyone.
recently there a long delay (3-4 seconds) in showing the next card and in showing the answers after pressing the “show answer” and the answer buttons. The audios embedded in the delayed cards play right away but the screen retains the old card.

an example is the attached image where the answer (of card 1) is shown, the audio of the next card (card 2) has played, the “show answer” of card 2 is there, but I cannot see card 2, since card one is still on the screen.
no new add-ons. deactivated all active addons. no change.
any ideas?

Make sure you are on 23.12.1 and try to change video driver
Troubleshooting - Anki Manual

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Thank you.
how do I change the video driver? I’m on mac.

Anki → Preferences → Video driver

If you’re experiencing display issues or crashes in Anki 23.10+, you can try changing the video driver in the preferences screen, then restarting Anki.
Display Issues - Anki Manual


thanks! worked perfectly after changing the driver.

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