Default Deck per Note Type

This probably does not qualify as a bug, it’s more of a small niggle. And yet, it cost me a lot of time, nonetheless:
When assigning a default deck to each note type, these settings will not stick, unless you also make an entry into each of your assigned default decks. Simply calling up each note type, one after another, and making the assignment won’t do.

That setting basically remembers the last deck you added cards to, so the idea is you set it once the first time you use the notetype, and then it will be used again when adding cards in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to explain.
I wish the manual would mention this. It is extremely well written, btw, concise and to the point, yet detailed enough on features that warrant more in-depth explanations. Except when it comes to this one thing.

I revisited Preferences, tried different combinations of card and field settings, re-read the manual, and eventually shrugged it off as a bug. Then later, I blamed myself, because sometimes I could get it to work indeed. And other times I could not, try as I might.

I deleted plugins, I changed the interface back to English — at one point I was sure I had nailed the “bug”, it seemed related to …

Long story short: A mention in the manual would have spared me all that fishing in the dark.

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Thanks fo rthe suggestion; I’ve updated the manual to mention when the deck is saved.

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