Decks missing though cards are still there

Long time user here and I just shuffled some decks around so the naming structures would make more sense to me. I noticed that all my decks under the Graphic::2D section are missing. I have a laptop that hasn’t been synced recently so I exported the 8 decks that are missing and moved them to my main laptop, and imported. I got an error that the cards were duplicates. So, then I searched for some of the particular questions and lo and behold, the cards are still here. And even still show as having the proper location Graphic::2D. But for some reason those decks aren’t showing in my Decks page under Graphic (though 3D is still there). And they aren’t showing in the side bar either.

I have anki on my iphone, ipad, and laptop. And those three devices all show the same thing, with the decks missing. And no sign of the 2D section unless I search for one of the cards that are assigned to it. And the card still shows the path as Graphic::2D::whateverDeckItsIn

Please advise.

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