Decks keep reversing after syncing with my iphone

I purchased the iPhone version of the Anki app yesterday after using it for a few days and becoming familiar with the Desktop version so I could study on the go. I’m using 3 decks of two sided vocab cards. The front is the word and back side is the definition, example in a sentence, and picture. After purchasing the app and syncing, both the computer version and phone version displayed the back side of the card first every time. It appeared to be a bug. I was using shared decks so I deleted all decks from the computer and app and re-added them. I re-imported them and then studied for a few minutes on my computer. Synced with my phone. Immediately the deck reversed on both platforms again with the answer displaying first. It appears to be a bug in the sync. I’ve looked up the cards and all just have a word on the front and many items on the back, but after this sync, they continue to show the back of the card first.

So I fixed the issue. Multiple decks had 2 cards for every note. They were type Basic (and reversed card). I selected all the "Card 2"s or the reversed cards and suspended them. Now when I study on my phone or on my computer they are in the correct direction.

It was very strange that when I just had the decks on my computer, they were in the forward direction and then after sync, they only displayed in reverse direction, but after the above action, the problem is fixed.

For what it’s worth, I think the timing was likely a coincidence rather than sync causing this.

If you don’t want the suspended cards lying around, an alternative option is to select the cards in the Browse screen and use Note>Change Note Type. You can change the type to the normal Basic type, which will remove the reverse cards.

Copy. Thanks for the advice and help!

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