All cards appearing in Reverse after synching from iPad 24 hours after adding Basic(and reversed) cards

I have about 12,000 Anki study cards that have been working well for nearly a year.
Yesterday I tried (for the first time) the Basic(and reversed) cards and added about 100 new cards in a new Deck.
This morning and afternoon all seemed well and everything had synched normally.
Tonight I was studying and editing cards from my iPad. When I synched after several changes, suddenly the ENTIRE deck is now appearing in reversed order (back to front) which is not helpful for studying!!

I suspended all the Basic(and reversed) cards - but this did not resolve the problem.
I deleted all the Basic (and reversed) cards - but this does not resolve the problem.

All the remaining cards are coded as 1:Card1: Back->Front in the “Type” field.
The drop-down menu gives me NO OTHER OPTIONS to change the cards back to a Front->Back card.

I re-downloaded Anki onto my laptop (Mac) and resynched - still same problem.

I desperately need help resolving this problem.
Please help…

Also my Sync tab is now Orange font rather than black

you’ve probably pressed Flip on card template editor.

you can go to Tools -> Manage Note Types and then select Basic (if you have changed your note type name, select your note type) then press Cards... and on the window that opens, press Flip and then save.


I just had the exact same problem (still unresolved!)
I was synching changes from my i-pad and now my entire library (12,000 cards) are showing in reverse.
Initially I suspended the Basic(and reversed) cards. Problem did not resolve.
I have deleted all the Basic(and reversed) cards, but the remaining cards do not revert to normal.
Am really worried that I won’t be able to restore normal format to these cards :frowning:
What do I do next ?
I made sure Anki is the newest edition/ dowload and reinstalled.

Any other suggestions?

You are an angel; literally made my day!!!
(And saved my sanity ;))
I think that was the problem.
I am so grateful.
I will write again if the problem recurs…

Thank you so much!!!

No problem. I’m glad I was able to help. :smiley:

Also and my Angel too
Thank you so much

I’m having trouble figuring out why my cards won’t stay in the ‘Front-Back’ order I’d like them to be in. When a card comes up reversed, I edit the card with the “Edit” add-on by clicking “Cards > flip > save”. It seems like this change is not permanent though, because sooner or later the card will show up facing the wrong way again. I’ve had trouble with this for cards that I’ve created directly in Anki, as well as cards that I’ve downloaded from Quizlet. The card type is “Basic”, not “Basic (and reversed card)”. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!